On the Sea is a family owned and operated business. The owners recently moved to British Columbia and instantly fell in love with Bowen Island the moment they crossed over on the ferry. Your hostess had always wanted to have a BB, and this new beginning in BC seemed like the perfect opportunity to make this dream a reality.

Your hostess is an educator who has a passion for traveling, cooking, decorating and entertaining. She enjoys creating ''tablescapes'' for family and friends. She is known for her love of everything European, a penchant for rococo, and her sense of humour.

Your host is a hard working and handy man who loves to woodwork, garden, and recently, work with stone. Have a look at his beautiful Lutyens bench and his carefully made stone steps. We hope you will come year after year to see the transformation of the property through his loving hands.

There are two more important characters at On the Sea – Charlie and Heidi. Charlie is a white, fluffy and rather lazy Peek-a-poo. Heidi, the newest addition to the family, is a mixture of a Pomeranian and Yorkie. Does that make her a Porkie?! Both will make a fuss when you arrive, but a little treat will make them your best friends.